National government installed the General Staff for the Rains

Bolivarian Government authorities inspected the basins of the main rivers in the states of Mérida and Zulia, as part of the actions of the National General Staff for Rains in the country, reported the Vice Minister of Risk Management and Civil Protection, Eduardo Hurtado.

He said that the National, State and Municipal General Staff is installed at all levels within the framework of the 2021 National Rain Plan due to the formal arrival of the rainy season, “with the integration of all instances we will work to guarantee the prevention and evaluation of risk situations in the event of rainfall in order to address the effects that may arise ".

Regarding the situation generated by the recent rains, he pointed out that together with the personnel of the General Staff instances, made up of the National Risk Management System (SNGR), Civil Protection and Fire Brigades, Strategic Regions of Comprehensive Defense (REDI ) and the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zones (ZODI), the Organized Popular Power and the regional authorities carried out tours and inspections for damage assessment and needs analysis in the Sierra de Perijá, state of Zulia.

«In the company of the Governor of the state, Econ. Omar Prieto, Mayor Betty Cifuentes de Zuleta, Yukpas indigenous brothers and together with the entity's organizations we have inspected the Macoíta and Apón basins, the latter supplying water to the town of Machiques, to verify the effects generated by the intense rainfall occurred this week; last week and we are evaluating with the indigenous communities.

He pointed out that they also visited the El Capitán Water Treatment Plant, where there were sedimentation effects as a result of the rising river flow.

The Vice Minister stressed that they also supervised the Chama and Mucujepe basins, located in the state of Mérida.

Likewise in the Onia and Culebrilla Rivers, which supply the Onia reservoir, which has been affected due to the increase in flows due to the constant and heavy rainfall of the past week, «which caused the reservoir to be emptied and flooding in the southern agricultural area. of the lake (…) "the competent authorities are working on carrying out corrective and preventive actions in the causes to avoid affecting the population due to the possible rainfall that we hope will continue throughout the rainy season."

He recalled that the rainy season in the country begins in May and ends in November, for which he urged citizens to communicate with the competent authorities to report situations that may become a direct threat to heavy rainfall.

The Vice Minister ratified that the General Staff, the Peace Quadrants and the organized People's Power will provide the necessary solutions to guarantee the safety and protection of the life of all citizens. / Press Mpprijp.



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