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National Chocolate Day celebrated by chocolatiers

The Minister of Urban Agriculture expressed that "the chocolate movement offers a great boost to the economy of our country"

“The chocolate movement offers a great boost to our country's economy. We see this resurgence of entrepreneurs in this area, the vast majority of whom start their projects together with their families, with innovative formulas, a variety of products and presentations of excellent quality, to supply the domestic market and for import."

This was stated by the Minister of Urban Agriculture, Jhoanna Gabriela Carrillo, during her participation in the celebration of National Chocolate Day, at the Casa Futuro Cultural and Training Center, in Los Dos Caminos, Sucre municipality.

There was also a discussion about cocoa production in Venezuela, and a group of entrepreneurs from different regions of the country made a sample of their products.

Minister Carrillo said that among the social policies of President Nicolás Maduro are support for cocoa producers and entrepreneurs, who showed their products.

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