About 6 million disinfections have been carried out in the country

Disinfection crews were deployed to ensure the health of the town. Photo: @Nahumpsuv

The president of the Venezuela Bella Mission, Jacqueline Faría, reported that 5 million 962 thousand disinfections and cleaning have been added to stop the expansion of COVID-19 in the national territory.

From the Alí Primera Metro station, located in the Guaicaipuro municipality, Miranda state, accompanied by the mayor Wisely Álvarez, she explained that the entire surface in hospitals, Metro spaces, Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers ( CDI) and are starting in schools.

"24 thousand schools will be disinfected before the possible start to class that our President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, has called," he emphasized.

At the same time, he asserted that on the instructions of the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, who heads the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of COVID-19, “he has asked us to disinfect the schools, the Metro stations; places where many people go to fight this Brazilian variant that has reached us over the border ”.

Disinfection work intensifies in Metro de Caracas

In the disinfection day, number 48, in Caracas at the Plaza Venezuela station, the mayor of the Libertador municipality, Erika Farias, in conjunction with the Head of Government of Caracas, Nahum Fernández, reported that these tasks are being carried out in the main areas and common spaces to combat the pandemic.

He stated that the disinfection was carried out in the radical week where it is used due to the low mobility and in this way it was intensified in the spaces of the Caracas Metro underground transport system.

For his part, Fernández, assured that these works are being carried out by "a qualified team prepared to carry out this task."

He reported that they are working hand in hand with the highest authority of the Caracas Metro, to establish measures that help reduce the contagion curve in the city, he also called on the Caracas population to comply with and respect the established biosecurity measures and protocols.

Deployment of disinfection in the commune "La Patria de Bolívar"

Also, in the Mission Base "Xiomara Rosales" belonging to the commune "La Patria de Bolívar", located in the El Valle parish, the Minister of Popular Power for the Communes and Social Movement, Noris Herrera, in coordination with the Popular Power carried out disinfection and beautification.

"We met with our social protection team together with the communal labor and production brigades, who have been deployed to beautify the spaces in this sector," he said.

Minister Herrera added that a general cleaning was carried out in the Food House, the schools and entertainment spaces. 

More than 70 workers carry out disinfection at Candilejas beach

The Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, together with the mayor of the Vargas municipality, José Alejandro Terán, made a tour of the beaches on this occasion to inspect the disinfection day that is carried out with more than 70 public servants belonging to to the government, mayor's office and civil protection.

"We are in a tourist area of ​​the most visited in our state, Playa Verde sector, popularly known as Candilejas beach where more than 150 well-organized service providers converge, and that has allowed us to facilitate the work of prevention of COVID-19" , pointed to the mayor Terán.



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