Mobile gas filling plant installed in Sucre state

With the aim of optimizing public services in the national territory, the Sectorial Vice President of Public Works and Services, G / J Néstor Reverol, in the company of the president of PDVSA Gas Comunal, Caryl Bertho, delivered 3 thousand cylinders to the state Sucre, to be distributed in the different communities of the entity.

"We are installing the Mobile Filling Plant, here in the state, which has brought Communal Gas, and which will have the possibility of traveling with a capacity of 2 thousand bottles per day of filling in each of the areas registered" Reverol Torres said.

During a meeting with the governor of the state of Sucre, Edwin Rojas, mayors, mayors and Ministers of the Public Services office, the General in Chief stressed that with this unit more than 24 thousand families will be served, and will be for three weeks in the 15 municipalities, which will consolidate the saturation plan that is carried out in the eastern entity, refers a press release.

He indicated about the strengthening of the loading quotas at the José Antonio Anzoátegui Refinery, to increase filling and improve gas distribution.

These actions are developed by the Sectorial Vice Presidency of Public Works and Services, as part of the Inspection and Supervision Visits Plan, for the verification of public services in the country.



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