Misión Sucre has 21 training programs for the university sector

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, celebrated the 18 years of the creation of the Sucre Mission on Tuesday and assured that to date more than 600 thousand Venezuelans have graduated as professionals in the country, and he also has 21 training programs active, of which 9 are dedicated to leveraging productive engines.

The head of state recalled that before 2013, 90% of the people who graduated from high school did not have a place in the university education system, "in 2013 there were more than 2 million illiterates, in just one year one million were able to become literate With the different missions, Robinson, Rivas and Sucre, the university budget was increased and the opportunity was given to all those who did not have a space in the education sector ”, said the President.

«Free and quality education has been a suitable space for a more just and conscious society that enjoys its constitutional rights. The Sucre Mission unites territorial knowledge with community knowledge and from there it joins universal thought, ”said the President.

He stressed that economic recovery is being projected in favor of the Venezuelan ingenuity. "A people empowered in knowledge has been the architecture for the construction of a more just society, which can face all the adversities we have experienced."

He reiterated that it is necessary to apply the system of scientific socialism, “the students of the Sucre Mission have to be trained to solve the structural problems of the country. We are at the crossroads where we begin to build a new production model with our hands, with our knowledge, with our capabilities. That is the Venezuela of the future! ", He stressed.

He recalled that Venezuela has fought against capitalism, winning with the knowledge of the working class, building the scientific socialism of the XNUMXst century.

He instructed the Minister of University Education, César Trompiz, to install a university village in every factory in the country.

Through a television pass in the Mega Village "El Mácaro", located in the Samán de Güere sector, Turmero, it was possible to know that from there training programs in civil construction, mechanics, computer science, agri-food, agroecology, production are dictated and logistics, tourism, environmental management and social communication.



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