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Maduro announced a plan to recover the country's sports fields

The Great Young Venezuela Mission received materials to recover sports spaces and also create artistic murals

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced the beginning of a plan to recover sports fields throughout the national territory, for the massification of sports and the healthy recreation of Venezuelan youth.

In a satellite contact from the Con Maduro+ program, in Carabobo to Caracas, with the president of the Great Young Venezuela Mission, Génesis Garvett, the delivery of materials was carried out that will be distributed throughout the country.

“We are delivering a set of equipment, tools, paints, sports kits to go around the country and recover every court that deserves it,” he said.

Garvett pointed out that, in addition to the recovery of fields, the comprehensive plan in which youth will participate with their joy and their art, also includes the creation of artistic murals.

He announced that the Great Young Venezuela Mission has organized a set of activities such as the Mostacho Fest, sports massification plans, “so that our young people are victorious as la Vinotinto".

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