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HomeLifeAmar y Sanar helps to beat breast cancer with recreation

Amar y Sanar helps to beat breast cancer with recreation

The foundation was created by a survivor of the disease

“To face cancer or any other disease it is necessary to have a good attitude, no matter how hard the situation is, you have to have courage, a positive mind and the certainty that just as that disease came to your body, it will disappear, with the favor of God”, expresses Mercedes Hidalgo.

That is the thought that the breast cancer survivor keeps in her mind, who points out that in addition to the chemical treatments that are required to defeat the disease, she has also injected herself with a large dose of positivism, which she now also distributes to other women who They go through the same process.

His story of fighting this pathology began four years ago. She lived in the state of Nueva Esparta and moved to the city of Caracas to spend time with her family before undertaking her project of leaving Venezuela. In that time she felt a little ball in her breast, but she didn't pay it the necessary attention.

As part of the emigration process, several tests were carried out, including a mammogram and an echo. "What you have there is not good," the doctor told him when reviewing the results and they sent him other studies. They finally broke the news: you have breast cancer.

Upon hearing the diagnosis, Mercedes began to cry and asked herself several questions: what are you going to do with all this? Are you paralyzed or are you going to face the new situation?, questions to which she immediately answered: we are going forward to win.

Treatments were started according to medical protocols. She first underwent chemotherapy, then a radical mastectomy on the left breast and, later, radiotherapy sessions. She is currently in remission.

Distraction in bad weather

In his case, Mercedes always maintained a good attitude, internalized that he had a condition and thought that just as he arrived, he would leave. Every week after recovering from chemotherapies, she went to dance, especially the sauces of Óscar de León and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

During her visit to the hospitals she saw that many of the patients lacked love, support and encouragement. She, always happy, decided to invite them to meet to share outside the walls of a health center, in a place where they could talk about things other than the disease and the treatments.

Those recreational activities and outings with women survivors and cancer patients began with a barbecue. Nine people attended that day, then the word of that wonderful experience began to spread and in which more people are added every day.

As a result of that first meeting, Mercedes decided to create the Amar y Sanar Foundation, whose main mission is to fill patients and their families with optimism, who also require moments of relaxation.

In the organization they give support to the patient in the traditional way and they also place emphasis on the emotional part, so they started a series of walks, including to the beach, where they are accompanied by psychologists and therapists. They perform dynamics and offer guidance to maintain well-being.

Some 35 people participated in the last outing, including patients and their relatives as well as the people who have the responsibility of caring for the person, the grandchildren, the children and the couples. They have all found a new way to share and cope with the critical moments of the disease.

The visits to recreation spaces began this year and are self-financed, however, the costs are very low. “We are not looking for any profit, we just have fun, enjoy, and several friends who have known our experience have already supported us.

Everyone brings some food to share and everything has been very pleasant”, highlighted Mercedes, who affirms that she will continue to bet on giving love to her companions to win the battle against breast cancer.


  • Exercise. Several investigations indicate that for most patients exercise is a safe activity and that it is useful to exercise before, during and after cancer treatment, with prior authorization from the treating physician.
  • Recreational activities promote the functioning of both the body and the brain, reduce the feeling of tiredness or fatigue, help reduce depression and anxiety, as well as help you sleep better.
  • Sing and dance. Mercedes Hidalgo invites patients to enjoy music and outdoor activities with nature, which she assures are enjoyed more fully with friends and family. Creating support groups and participating in tourism programs says that it is always recommended.


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