Let's go back to the field | Irrigation in crops

To establish the most appropriate irrigation technique it is necessary to take into account a series of factors, of which the climatic condition and the type of soil play a fundamental role during the process. When it is a cold climate, for example, irrigation should be done according to the characteristics of each plant, in less quantity.

Now, when the weather is hot, watering must be done abundantly and constantly so that the plant does not die. The characteristics of the substrate (soil) must also be taken into account since "the readily available water retention capacity and the total pore spaces are the characteristics that provide the substrate with a greater amount of water retention".

As for the most used irrigation techniques, we have three. Sprinkler irrigation system, which is the most appropriate for intensive orchards; drip irrigation system, this system is the most used in conditions where water is scarce since there is less waste of it and the microjet irrigation system, the most common use is that of intensive orchards. At what time of the day should I apply irrigation to the plants? The recommendation is to do it in the early hours of the morning and in the late afternoon.



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