Let's go back to the field | Alternative foods

3M is an efficient model

Alternative feeds to support the brood foot of smaller species favor the availability of animal protein in a much shorter time than larger species. Some of the plant species that can be used in different diets and proportions for the development of animals, whether green or dehydrated converted into flour, are: mulberry, moringa, mouse killer, nacedero; also the shrubs: buttercup or arnica, pyre, sweet potato or chaco and yucca, both the fruit and the foliage, as well as squash, sorghum, corn, forage peanuts, sesame, bermuda grass, sugar cane, bora bora, chaya , purslane, quinchoncho, beans (after heat treatment), spinach, beets, cremated and pulverized egg shells.

The diets will depend on the stage in which the animal is. The energy, protein, fat, and amino acid needs must also be known (this is essential), together with the consumption of water for the growth and development of minor species. There are many alternatives that we have at hand but we do not use them due to ignorance, that is why integrated systems are the possibility of resisting and defeating the criminal blockade against our country.