Lack of change generates queues at supermarket checkouts

In multiple supermarkets in Caracas there are long queues at the specific boxes for payments in foreign currency due to the shortage of low-denomination bills that are delivered as change to customers, say merchants in the city.

“It is really more feasible to pay with bolivars, because we do not have $ 1, $ 5 or $ 10 bills, that generates delay since people are waiting, because we do not have enough bolivars in cash to give change, and this situation is repeated throughout Caracas. I constantly hear clients complaining, but the situation gets out of hand, ”explained a cashier at the Automercado Plaza.

On a tour made by the team of Últimas Noticias Through supermarkets on the Avenida Fuerzas Armadas, La Candelaria, Terrazas del Ávila and Avenida Andrés Bello, it was found that all the stores lack currency exchange and this causes loss of customers.

Luian Chen, manager of the La China supermarket on Armed Forces Avenue, said that they constantly lose customers who do not have bolivars. “A day up to five clients leave, after spending minutes in the queue, they leave when they notice that we do not have change; They come to consume 6 dollars and bring a 20 bill, it is impossible, very few times I have $ 1 bills, "he said.

Chen explained that many people are forced to consume more than expected. "People get upset because I don't have to give back in dollars, but they don't want to receive bolivars either," he said.

Likewise, residents of the Candoral buildings, in La Candelaria, which has the Unicasa supermarket inside the residence, complained about the situation and assure that "it does not cause buying anything" due to the currency situation.

Ana Guerra said that the queues to pay in foreign currency never decrease because it is impossible for them to drop the 1 dollar bills. “Last week I consumed 4 dollars, and I spent 45 minutes waiting for a dollar bill to arrive. I did not want to receive bolivars because they pay very low ”.

The same situation is repeated in the Iranian supermarket, in Terrazas del Ávila. Buyers assure that they can last up to an hour while waiting for a return.

Pharmacies and bakeries. Twitter users denounce that the Farmatodo pharmacy line encourages people to spend the full money, since it is very difficult for them to get around.

"It is not feasible to waste time waiting in a long line if at the end when you have to cancel they have no change or indirectly they ask you to consume a little more than expected," said Catherina Guzmán.

The residents of the La Candelaria parish denounced that in the La Milhojas bakery, also located in this parish, the owners demand to go with the fair payment in dollars to “avoid inconveniences”. “The last time I went to buy they didn't sell me because I didn't have the exact amount. I asked them if I couldn't wait to get back and they told me that it was best to avoid inconvenience if I came back later, ”said Michi López.