They join forces in Nueva Esparta to care for abandoned animals

They design a joint action plan for comprehensive care for street animals. Reference photo

The protector and deputy to the National Assembly, Dante Rivas, held a meeting with foundations, institutions, organizations and animal protectionist individuals to establish a joint action plan in order to provide comprehensive care to abandoned animals in the state of Nueva Sparta.

"If we want to be an economic and tourist power, we must unite to undertake actions such as sterilization days to control canine and feline overpopulation in the state, as well as deworming, guarantee food, the adoption of rescued animals and, above all, sensitize the population on the importance of good treatment of pets and the responsibility that comes with caring for animals that are also part of society as citizens, ”said Rivas.

In that sense, the protector invited these organizations to join the Carabobo 200 Plan, to carry out days of attention to animals. “In the deployment that we have made, we are concerned about a large number of abandoned animals that need attention. Together we can do it. By convening private companies and with the support of Corpo Nueva Esparta and the national government, we can manage the resources to achieve these objectives ”.

The protectionists thanked Rivas for his initiative and expressed their willingness to work together and advance actions for the welfare of animals. They also requested their support to ensure that in each of the state's municipalities the management unit established in the Fauna Protection Law is conformed and that Nueva Esparta is a management model in this area.

They also proposed to create municipal ordinances to guarantee timely care depending on the characteristics of each jurisdiction of the island entity, make an animal census in the state, the creation of a cemetery or crematorium for pets.

Representatives of the Nevado Mission, the Ministry of Escosocialismo and the State Veterinary College were also present at the activity. Among the organizations that participated are Pim Margarita, Fundación Seres Sin Voz, Control Ético Animal, Fundación Orgullo Mestizo, NGO Animalistas Nueva Esparta, Peludos Margarita, Margarita Pets and Fundación Venezuelan Diga.

The representative of the Nevado Mission in the state of Nueva Esparta, Leumarys Gómez, stated that in the framework of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples, the proposals of all protectionists were received: recognition of animal rights, the criminalization of animal abuse and encourage production of food to take to shelters and health care for animals.