The IVSS vaccinates kidney patients and older adults

The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (Ivss) carries out vaccination days against covid-19 to patients with kidney diseases of the 147 intra and extra-hospital dialysis units in the country, as part of the national immunization plan of the Ministry for Health, at which is attached to the entity.

This was stated by the president of the Ivss, Magaly Gutiérrez Viña, who explained that the health tasks carried out in the dialysis unit of the Hugo Chávez del Ivss Nephrological Center, located in Caracas, are extended to cancer patients and older adults with the application of Sputnik V.

In an interview with Últimas Noticias indicated that the conference provides care to more than 8.500 nephropathic patients with therapies and peritoneal dialysis. In addition, it benefits, together with the National Institute of Social Services (Inass), more than 3.000 older adults from the country's social care residences.

In addition, she explained that the Ivss health personnel are being vaccinated jointly, since they are the people who are on the front line of battle against the virus.

"We have vaccinated 34.434 people with the Sputnik V vaccine and then we are going to give way to the vaccination of older adults at the Dr. Miguel Pérez Carreño hospital and kidney patients at the Domingo Luciano hospital and the rest of the country," Gutiérrez reported.

In a broader scenario of the work led by the entity in the territory, the president of the institution highlighted that they have 39 hospitals and 63 outpatient clinics, while they are adapting the health centers that deserve it to treat patients infected with coronavirus .

In the care rooms, Social Security is in charge of providing spaces for hospitalization, isolation and intensive therapy areas with more than 1.300 beds, each place with state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Likewise, in states such as La Guaira and Bolívar they treat patients with mild and moderate symptoms and from each center rapid screening tests or PCR by respiratory triage are practiced.

"This is about commitment, dedication and responsibility to obtain great achievements towards the health of Venezuelans, with the adaptation of spaces and health centers throughout the country," she reiterated.

Drugs. In addition to the efforts against the pandemic, the Ivss keeps active the deliveries of high-cost drugs for patients with terminal illnesses, rheumatic diseases, or so-called rare diseases to a universe of 56.000 patients and with the distribution in 48 pharmacies of treatments of high cost in the country.

"The distribution of medicines is done weekly according to the stop we have, through the bilateral agreements that the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro agrees, and through countries with strategic alliances such as China, Russia and India," Gutiérrez said.

Pensions The president of Social Security explained that during the coronavirus pandemic, the responsibility with pensioners and people close to receiving it has not stopped, serving to date more than 3.000 users weekly during the flexible weeks of the 7 + 7 plan.  

She argued that in the 48 administrative offices located in the territory and with scheduled sessions with financial entities, attention and advice is provided to the country's pensioners. Workshops are also carried out as part of the national government's care plan for the victims of the economic war.

“The delivery of pensions is done through the propaganda in social networks of the Ivss. To date we have 5.086.189 pensioners; and from January 2021 to May, we have retired 74.721 new people ”, she notified.

She also commented that Social Security takes into account cases of extreme vulnerability that are detected in boarding and are assumed by way of grace or by the Great Love Greater Mission.

The regular processes for pensions are handled in the administrative offices in cases such as pension requests for older adults who meet the age requirements, these being: men of 60 years and women of 55; people at work with 750 contributions or more and disability survivors are also cared for.

Gutiérrez invited Venezuelans to use the digital media of the Ivss in weeks of quarantine or for inquiries through the email address [email protected] or on the @ivssoficial and @ivss_afiliacion networks.



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