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INTT presents new license with embedded chip

The cancellation of the current driver's license is not foreseen.

The president of the National Institute of Land Transportation (INTT), Gabriel Aguana, announced that Venezuelans will have at their disposal a new driver's license, which was created with cutting-edge technology in accordance with international standards, so such a document cannot be adulterated, the Division General also shared the information in an interview for Globovisión's “Primera Página” program.

In this sense, Aguana explained that the technological advance of this new driving certificate is that it has a built-in chip, which prevents the document from being seen by the human eye, so it can only be detected through light. ultraviolet.

Likewise, he highlighted that the new documentation has international recognition, which represents a great benefit for Venezuelans who travel abroad with their vehicles.

Additionally, the head of the INTT indicated that there are no plans to cancel the current driver's license that Venezuelans have, who can carry the current driving certificate while carrying out the corresponding legal procedures to obtain their new driver's license.

“The person who currently has the license that is valid at this moment as long as it remains valid can coexist with this license that is being innovated… there is no problem, the person who currently has his license as long as it is valid when If it expires, you can calmly go to the INTT offices,” concluded the General.

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