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Inac reported that active operations continue on the Maiquetía-Cancun route

The National Institute of Civil Aeronautics, as the Aeronautical Authority of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, reported that operations on the Maiquetía - Cancun - Maiquetía route remain active, being served on a regular basis by our flag carrier CONVIASA.

According to a publication of the official Twitter account of the Conviasa Airline, there has been a decrease in frequencies to five monthly operations for each airline, around the operations of non-scheduled (charter) flights in the aforementioned route and the Valencia-Cancun-Valencia route, by provisions of the Mexican Aeronautical Authority.

In this sense, through a statement posted on Conviasa's twitter account, it was detailed that the following companies will be operating under this modality: Laser Air lines, Estelar Latinoamérica, La Venezolana (RAVSA), RUTACA and Turpial Airlines.

Next, «the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics ratifies that, in the event of flight cancellations by the airlines, they must assist and protect the users of the public air transport service, as established in Art. 21,22 , 23 and 25 of the General Conditions of Air Transport (CGTA); that establish the right to Compensation corresponding to XNUMX% of the value of the ticket, as well as the reimbursement or protection with another airline that operates the same route; change of route without penalty and right to assistance and information.

Finally, INAC stressed that it continues to "work for the benefit of air transport users, to continue guaranteeing safe, orderly and efficient air operations."