In La Pastora they restore the house of José Gregorio Hernández

Fundapatrimonio and the Ministry of the Interior Justice and Peace are in place.

On the occasion of the beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, on April 30, the Government authorities carry out the restoration of the house where the so-called Doctor of the Poor lived, located between the corners of Desbarrancados and San Andrés, near the El Guanábano bridge, in the La Pastora parish of the Libertador municipality.

For several weeks the residents of the sector have seen the movement of machinery and workers, who have the challenge of finishing the work before Goyo's beatification date.

“We understand that the works are jointly executed by the authorities of the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, the Ministry of Public Works, Fundapatrimonio and the Mayor's Office of Caracas, who, in addition to restoring the house of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, also carry out repairs from other nearby buildings and public spaces, ”said one of the neighbors.

The residents of the place pointed out that until a few months ago there were several rental families living in the house, which were evicted and relocated.

In the area there is an important group of workers, who not only work in the house that was owned by Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, but also in a parking lot that is located next to the property. It was learned that a square will be built there.

Neighbors point out that the works being carried out seek to preserve the model of the houses of the time, which as a characteristic had large windows and wooden doors.

“We have been informed that these restoration works on the house of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández are part of a tourist route that will be designed to make known the places and life history of our blessed Venezuelan, who finally reaches the altars and he deserves all the honors, "said another of La Pastora's neighbors.

Authorities of the national government have been carrying out different works for the celebration of Goyo's beatification. The Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Carmen Teresa Meléndez, indicated that Venezuela is preparing with great emotion for the beatification. In this sense, he reported that "the national government is proud to dignify the spaces to enhance the life and work of the saint."



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