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In Los Chorros they produce pork

Apacuana Commune of the Sucre municipality, Miranda, promotes the project in an urban area in Caracas

In the Los Chorros urbanization, Sucre municipality in the state of Miranda, some neighbors organized themselves in what many consider an innovative pig farming project in the middle of an urban area of ​​Caracas.

This was highlighted by Zulema Pedroza, who is a member of one of the three Family Production Units (UPF) that are part of the Apacuana Pig Breeding Production Unit. In 2021, the group led by seven people, most of them women from the capital sector, set the goal of providing food security to the residents of the Apacuana Commune.

Pedroza said that this project emerged as a solution to guarantee the inhabitants of the community access to pork, in view of the crisis that affected Venezuelan families during the most acute stage of the covid-19 pandemic.

In this way, the project, led by local members, began to stand out as a pioneering initiative in the region.

He stressed that the main objective of the project is to supply the community with this product at more affordable prices than those in the traditional market.


The spokespersons of the Popular Power decided to acquire live cattle in the Guárico state, in order to start producing quality meat.

From this experience, the idea arose to venture into pig farming, starting with four pigs that, over time, have multiplied to reach an approximate population of 20 pigs, Pedroza indicated.

To begin with, this group of entrepreneurs took care of increasing the number of heads to generate a greater amount of proteins. To do this, they worked hard to produce, Pedroza emphasized in an interview with the team of Últimas Noticias.

They continued with the production of meat, to later sell it to the residents of the territory of 15 communal councils that make up the Apacuana Commune.

Pedroza assured that the purpose is to increase production, so as to make it possible to expand the scope of supply.

In addition, he said that to achieve the goal, genetic improvement practices and daily care have been implemented, with the collaboration of Veterinary Medicine students from the Simón Rodríguez University, in tasks such as deworming and vaccination.

He specified that the animals have a balanced diet free of processed foods. Pigs eat vegetables, among others.


Pedroza explained that one of the main challenges they have faced is the shortage of specialized veterinarians in the area. Fundamentally, because a large part of the professionals are dedicated to the care of this type of species in conventional spaces and the association that they lead, together with their colleagues, is located in an urban location.

On the other hand, the fact of starting the project in the middle of an urbanization like Los Chorros added a challenging touch. However, the team behind this venture has demonstrated its commitment to the well-being of the community.

According to Pedroza, the residents of this sector found in this project a reliable source of fresh, quality pork, thanks to the joint efforts of those who make it up, as well as their external allies.

With a vision focused on sustainability and environmental care, Apacuana pig farming is consolidated as an example of a local initiative with positive social and economic impact.

This socio-productive, which was born from the need and determination of its inhabitants, is projected as a model to follow for other urban communities in the country that are looking for alternatives to strengthen their food security.

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