In the Monte Piedad area on January 23 they ask to pick up the garbage

The residents of the Monte Piedad area, in the 23 de Enero parish, Libertador municipality, complain about the poor quality of the urban cleaning service and demand that the authorities carry out a cleaning and fumigation operation to end bad odors, thus like the flies and rodent animals that have invaded the community.

The complaint was made by Teodoro Lima, community leader, who pointed out that piles of accumulated garbage can be seen on the ground floor of several buildings, which have not been collected by the crews of the Supra Caracas company, in charge of cleaning the city capital.

"The large amount of garbage accumulated in different sectors of Monte Piedad, brings serious problems of unhealthiness to our community, where we have observed the multiplication of flies and rats, while bad smells invade the spaces, a situation that directly affects neighbors whose apartments are located on the ground floor and lower floors, who must live with closed doors and windows.

"Many children, elderly and sick people live in our community, which, added to the pandemic situation that Covid-19 has generated, increases the health risk situation in our community. In this situation, we ask the mayor of the municipality Libertador, Erika Farías and the representatives of the Supra Caracas company, a special operation is carried out to remove all the garbage, at the same time that a washing and fumigation operation is carried out in the areas where the garbage mountains are kept ” , noted Teodoro Lima.



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