In San Bernardino they ask for an asphalt plan

The holes took over the roads in the parish of Caracas

Jesús Olivares lives in the upper part of the San Bernardino parish, in the Libertador municipality. On a daily basis, he has to travel along Avenida Mohedano, where there are a large number of gaps that impede the free passage of vehicles.

"Not only are there holes in Mohedano Avenue, in the upper part of the parish there are a large number of holes, a product of the leaks in both the white water pipes and the drainage system, which destroy the asphalt and cause those loopholes, "he said.

Paula Malavé lives in San José and works in a medical office in San Bernardino, “due to the lack of public transportation, my husband comes to look for me and every day we have to go through the roads full of holes, we have seen that from the Mayor's Office of Libertador have started laying asphalt, I hope San Bernardino has included it, ”he said.

Neighbors also point out that on Vollmer Avenue, where the Armada is located, there are also a large number of holes.



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