In Petare they receive help to repair their houses

“I do not have the resources for the repairs that my house requires. The members of my communal council informed me about the help that Mayor José Vicente Rangel Ávalos offers to deliver materials for the repair of houses, I made my request, and I have benefited, I appreciate this support, which translates in well-being ”, assured Rosa Acosta, a neighbor of the Carpintero neighborhood, in Petare, Sucre municipality.

Rosa shares her home with her granddaughter, her three great-grandchildren, and two other adults. Account that the infrastructure presents many leaks and it is necessary to change part of the roof, which is deteriorated.

For her part, Jheisy García lives in the Colonia de Petare area in a house that says it is necessary to carry out general repairs. "I live with my three daughters and my husband, we have been benefited with the delivery of construction materials, little by little we are going to improve our home thanks to the mayor's office," he said.

Rosa and Jheisy are part of the more than 200 families that benefited from the assignment of a new batch of certificates for the delivery of construction materials, through the Hormiga social program, in an event that took place in the Maca sector. of Petare.

“With this program of delivery of materials we have managed to collaborate with a large number of relatives, inhabitants of the five parishes that make up the Sucre municipality, residents of different popular sectors to improve the conditions of their homes, which translates into a better quality of life, ”said Mayor José Rangel Ávalos.

He pointed out that the beneficiary families receive an inspection of their houses by a group of social workers, who verify the condition of the house and after the delivery of the materials, the family is visited again to verify that the repairs were made.

Cement, blocks, sand, rebar, roofs, are some of the materials received by families benefiting from the Hormiga social program.

“Unfortunately, this and other social programs created to help the most vulnerable families have been affected by the sanctions, the economic siege and the induced hyperinflation, which have been imposed on Venezuela, from the United States, however with the support of the president. , Nicolás Maduro, we continue to offer a response to our neighbors, ”the mayor of the Sucre municipality said during the activity with the neighbors.



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