In José Félix they intensify battle against covid-19

Disinfection days continue in the Petare areas

The authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Sucre municipality, through its Neighborhood Agenda program, continue to respond to the requests of the residents of the José Félix Ribas de Petare neighborhood, where disinfection and fumigation work is intensifying.

The mayor of the Sucre municipality, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, indicated that, taking into account the forecasts of the health authorities that have warned that a re-outbreak of covid-19 may occur, the disinfection work has been intensified, in which the brigades participate. of the mayor's office, as well as the brigades made up of the neighbors, which received equipment last year.

“Through this program, Neighborhood Agenda, meetings continue with community leaders from different sectors, who are the ones who raise the needs they suffer, but also offer possible solutions, while participating in the work that is being carried out. ”Said Rangel Ávalos.

He stressed that in the meetings that have been held with the leaders of the José Félix Ribas neighborhood, the issue of the health emergency due to covid-19 remains current.

"On the main street of our neighborhood, there is a lot of commercial movement, especially in part of the boulevard, from zone one to five, where you can see a considerable concentration of people who go to the wineries and shops that are kept there, for which I think is excellent that both the neighbors as well as the authorities maintain the cleaning and disinfection operations, ”said Mercedes Escobar, a resident of the area.

Likewise, the Mayor's Office of Sucre, together with the neighbors, set up work tables to address the issue of public services, such as the distribution of drinking water, public lighting, urban cleaning services and the distribution of domestic gas. “In the latest deliveries of gas cylinders, not only in this community but also in other sectors, we have seen how the Sucre Police officials, together with the spokesmen of the communal councils and communes, monitor the process, avoiding the speculation or the diversion of this product, so necessary in our homes, ”said Julia Moreno, a neighbor of the area.

They added that residents and authorities also organize logging and pruning operations, weeding, fumigation, and Street Government days.



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