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HomeLifeIn hospitals they perform corneal transplants

In hospitals they perform corneal transplants

The Ministry for Health processes the search for the healthy organ

In different hospitals in Caracas they perform corneal transplantation, which consists of replacing damaged or opacified corneal tissue with that of a healthy donor in order to recover transparency and regularity of vision.

People who are diagnosed with corneal disorders can go to public health centers and begin the process to enter the transplant list. They should not go to several hospitals, because there is only one list in the country and the data is linked. 

The organs are processed by the Venezuelan Foundation for Donations and Transplants of Organs, Tissues and Cells, attached to the Ministry of Health.

Hospital Domingo Luciani of El Llanito

  • Location. Avenida Río de Janeiro, El Llanito urbanization, Petare parish, in the Sucre municipality, Miranda state. You can take a van or the metrobus at the La California metro station.  
  • Schedule. You must request an appointment in advance for the ophthalmology triage area. They work from 7:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. Users advise arriving very early, because there are people who sleep in the medical center to make the appointment.
  • Collections. Laminated identity card. No medical referral required 
  • Process. To request an appointment for ophthalmological triage, it is not necessary to bring a medical reference, however, if you have already been treated at another medical center for the cornea condition, you can bring the file. The triage ophthalmologist will evaluate your case and, if appropriate, will refer you to the cornea specialist who attends the hospital on Mondays (only for patients referred by the same center), who will determine, with the corresponding analysis, the pathology suffered, as the case may be, and whether the patient is a candidate for a cornea transplant and whether or not it is required as an emergency. He will then place it on the national waiting list and surgery will be scheduled when the organ is assigned.  

Military hospital

  • Location.  Urbanization San Martín, San Juan parish of the Libertador municipality, Capital District, west of the city. To go to the place you can go to the La Paz and Pérez Bonalde metro stations. Likewise, the vans leave from Catia and Maternidad.  
  • Schedule.   From 9 to 11 in the morning appointments for ophthalmology are granted on Mondays and Wednesdays.  
  • Collections. The military, employees and affiliates must present the current card and the identity card. For the relatives of employees and non-affiliated patients, they must present the laminated ID, reference or medical order for the service.
  • Procedure. You have to go to the ophthalmology service and start the diagnostic process from scratch. There they will determine the pathology and refer to the cornea specialist for evaluation and analysis. The doctor will record the diagnosis, establish the level of severity and the urgency of the operation. Then it will proceed to include it on the national waiting list. 

Dr. Miguel Perez Carreno

  • Location.  La Yaguara Urbanization, El Paraíso parish, Libertador municipality, Capital District.
  • Schedule.   From 8 in the morning to 12 noon appointments for ophthalmology are granted. They are only delivered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7 in the morning. They recommend arriving early.  
  • Collections. You must request an appointment with the cornea specialist and present the medical report.   
  • Process. When going to the consultation with the cornea specialist, you must present the medical report and its annexes. They will evaluate and confirm the pathology, as well as its severity. In addition, you can order repeat studies or request new ones to determine the diagnosis. If the transplant is required, it will proceed to include it on the waiting list and surgery will be scheduled at the time of organ assignment. 

Dr. Jesus Yerena "LIDICE"

  • Location.  Main Avenue of the Asylum, La Pastora urbanization, Libertador municipality. The nearest Metro station is Agua Salud, when you leave the main street of Lídice and take the vans that leave you at the main entrance of the health center.
  • Schedule.  The attention to take the appointment is from 7 am every day of the week. They are currently suspended and will be resumed next August, due to the fact that they have a high number of scheduled patients. 
  • Collections. Reference for the ophthalmology service of any medical center.
  • Process. The ophthalmology specialists will proceed to carry out a general evaluation of the patient, then they will be referred to the cornea department, which will verify the pathology by carrying out studies, and will also determine its severity, to proceed with the inclusion in the waiting list at the national level. The medical center has an average of 1 or 2 corneal transplant surgeries per week and patients highlight the good care with which they are received. 

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