In Black Furnace they ask to end the gaps


The inhabitants and merchants of the Horno Negro sector, in the San Juan parish of the Libertador municipality, request the competent authorities to activate the Fiesta del Asfalto plan in the area to finish the gaps that are in the road and that cause serious damage to the vehicles that circulate there.

Luis Alberto Millán, a resident of the area, points out that, motivated by the terrible conditions in which the road is found, traffic congestion is continuously maintained, as drivers have to slow down and make maneuvers to avoid damage to the front end of their vehicles. vehicles.

"This same situation occurs in other streets surrounding this sector of Horno Negro, where leaks and holes prevent free traffic," said Millán.

Carlos González makes a living offering transportation to some merchants who buy bulk merchandise in the Quinta Crespo area, and he states that he must pass this route daily.

"The trunnions, terminals, shock absorbers and rubbers, among other parts of the front axle, which suffer damage when it falls into one of those holes, a situation that becomes more dangerous when it rains, since the embrasures fill with water and it is very difficult to avoid them ”, indicated.

Faced with such a situation, the complainants ask the authorities of the Libertador Municipality and the Government of the Capital District to repair this important road in the San Juan parish.



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