Half published prices adjusted to reconversion

Few businesses have prices in their current expression and in the new monetary scale

According to Decree No. 4.553, dated August 6, 2021, as of last Wednesday, September 1, the prices of goods and services must be shown with the new monetary expression that will come into effect on October 1. After seven days of the implementation of the resolution of the Central Bank of Venezuela, the businesses of Caracas are partially adapting to the reconversion and many show their prices only with the current monetary cone and in dollars.

During a tour carried out by the Últimas Noticias Through stores in Sabana Grande, La Candelaria, La Hoyada and Sucre de Catia avenue, as well as in Prados del Este and La California, it was found that few businesses have prices in their current expression and in the new monetary scale.

At Automercados Plazas, located in Alto Prado, in Prados del Este, prices are still displayed only in foreign currency. Meanwhile, in the invoice the amount is reflected in bolivars with the current monetary expression. The same occurs in the Unicasa supermarket located in the Unicentro El Marqués shopping center in La California.

The residents of La Candelaria assure that the businesses do not adapt to this new system and that they continue to give, show and charge in dollars or at the exchange rate of the day. “The intention of this month was to show the prices so that we can all adapt. If businesses choose not to follow what is established with the new monetary system, it will be complicated as of October XNUMX, ”said Marta Márquez.

Catia's Prime Shoes shoe stores reflect the prices of their items in dollars, as well as the Sevens stores in their different branches in the capital.

Slowly. The merchants assure that they are adapting little by little to what is ordered, because they must adjust the systems and make the material for the price rebinding.

"As merchants we have established what the Central Bank of Venezuela indicated, however, it is important to understand that for the population it is a new process of adaptation, mostly for the elderly," said Hilda Ramos, in charge of a food store in La Hoyada, who explained that many grandparents have thought that the price without the six zeros is equivalent to a total in foreign currency.

Some pharmacy networks such as Farmatado this week have already placed their prices with the six zeros less. “One of the first to comply with the order of the double monetary expression was Farmatodo. From the first days of the month I began to understand how it worked, thanks to the expression of double rates that the pharmacy established, despite all the doubts, "explained a citizen.

Meanwhile, in the Copercentro de Agua Salud market, the locals have prices in dollars and in bolivars adjusted to the conversion, as well as the Gran Galpón de Catia where they sell fruits and vegetables.

The double expression of prices will make it easier for consumers to familiarize themselves with the new monetary cone, for which users urge the country's businesses to comply with the BCV decree.

What the law says. As of September 1, 2021, and until the Central Bank of Venezuela by resolution provides otherwise, the obligation contemplated in the Second Transitory Provision of Decree No. 4.553 through which the new monetary expression is established, will be understood to have been fulfilled. with the sample, offer, exhibition or exposure to the public view, through talkers, tariffs, advertising or informative material and other instruments that fulfill the same function, the price of goods and services in the new monetary scale, in the terms provided.



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