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Guaicoco already has its Mission Base

Health, food, protection and education areas operate in the Jacinto Convit commune.

This Monday the La Leona Socialist Missions Base was inaugurated, located in the Jacinto Convit commune, in the Guaicoco sector, in the Filas de Mariche parish, Sucre municipality of Miranda state.

With this space, the state already has 171 Socialist Mission Base created for the articulation of all levels of Government in order to provide comprehensive care and protection to the communities, reported the Governor of the Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, reports a note from press of the Miranda Governorate.

“The Socialist Missions Base is the place that operates all the capacities of the Government: health, food, protection, education. This is an operations center and from here one ends up bringing the Government closer to the community. It is easier in each Commune to have a Government center and deconcentrate and bring operational capacity closer to the people, only in this way can it be governed well,” he reiterated.

Rodríguez emphasized the importance of popular organization and the leading participation of Popular Power for the common benefit.

Through a telephone contact, the Minister of Popular Power for Science and Technology and godmother of the state of Miranda, Gabriela Jiménez, approved a science kit for the Andrés Eloy Blanco school, located in the community.

The activity was accompanied by Mayor José Vicente Rangel Ávalos and the president of the Socialist Missions Bases system, Marjorie Moreno.

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