Government creates logistics to expand vaccination route against covid-19

The Head of Government of the capital, Nahum Fernández, reported that they continue to create logistical conditions to guarantee the expansion of the massive vaccination route against covid-19, immunizing more than 3.700 workers from the Ministry of Education.

Through his account on the digital social network twitter @Nahumpsuv, Fernández asserted that in compliance with the guidelines issued by President Nicolás Maduro, a great deployment is being carried out, in order to achieve the goal of vaccinating and immunizing health workers, educators, older adults up to 70% of the Venezuelan population.

It should be noted that on July 25, the National President reported the activation of more than 125 mass vaccination centers against covid-19 which are operating in the Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) in the country, offering that day the balance of the fight against the pandemic.

On that occasion, the head of state indicated that "all IDUs are going to become Mass Vaccination Centers, we are going to activate more than 125 centers starting this week, there are 125 IDUs that have all the conditions for treatment and for the vaccination process ”.

In fact, dignitary Nicolás Maduro insisted that they should not “Leave orphans” the country's health centers, so he urged to work more to guarantee the health of the population and win the battle against the disease.



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