GDC carries out the laying of asphalt in avenues of Caracas

More than 20 tons of asphalt were placed on San Martín Avenue, Parroquia San Juan, in Caracas, as was announced by the head of government of the Capital District, Nahum Fernández through a post on his Twitter account.

From the surroundings of Plaza O'Leary, the official explained that these works will be carried out from the aforementioned square to the Artigas Metro station. "The entire San Martín avenue a comprehensive approach to this entire avenue."

He stressed that this day is being developed through the Plan Gran Caracas Patriota, Bella y Segura and the Hueco Hunting Squad, which will benefit some 45 thousand people who pass through this sector of Caracas.

"We are reviewing with the Huecos Hunting Squad the best road conditions, we invite our transporters and the community to join these activities," said Fernández.

Likewise, Fernández reported on the same social network that 30 tons of asphalt were laid on Sucre Avenue in the Sucre parish of Caracas and 40 potholes were outlined.



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