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False dentists spread viruses and bacteria

By not complying with asepsis, the patient can get sick

Consulting and putting yourself in the hands of a false doctor causes serious damage to health, but particularly going to a non-dentistry professional is a serious risk to oral health because it uses unreliable resources and there is an absence of rigorous protocols that only a true dentist can know and control.

In recent months there has been a proliferation of false doctors and dentists who, according to the authorities, have caused damage with multiple victims and in the oral area, a pirate dentist can cause the transmission of diseases with batteries and viruses such as Sars -Cov2 from which covid-19 derives, in addition to the influenza virus, oral herpes, hepatitis and other common ones, specialists say.

If a dentist does not comply with measures such as: changing gloves between patient and patient; replace the used instruments with a duly sterilized one; disinfect work sites such as the chair and countertops, the person runs the risk of contracting infections.

The improper use of non-sterile and new work materials and instruments for each person can cause a specific infection caught in a patient to be transmitted, not only to the supposed dentist, but to another patient who is treated later. That is why only a professional is clear that it is her responsibility to guarantee preventive actions to avoid minimal contamination with any virus or bacteria, explains Hatzel Hacibe Jiménez Dib, a dentist specializing in orthodontics.

In this regard, false dentists are part of those who commit many iatrogenic events every day in the profession that result in poorly performed extractions, leave roots in the dental alveoli and poorly carved restorations with inefficient materials. Likewise, the inadequate placement of removable and total prostheses is frequent.

In this sense, Jiménez commented to Últimas Noticias that dental technicians are also not the ideal professionals to adapt prostheses. His work is related to the design of the prosthesis model that is sent by a dentist. However, there are technicians who dedicate themselves to placing prostheses in clandestine places, causing patients with cervical, head, ear pain and generalized muscle spasms in the head and neck area.

Hatzel, a graduate of the University of Carabobo, explains that from the patient's point of view, it is their obligation to request information from the professional who treats them, such as their collegiate number, to verify that they are certified by the College of Dentists.

On the other hand, the consulted specialist stressed that a dentist is aware, according to his academic and practical training, duly endorsed by the collegiate entity and the university from which he graduated, the risks that he runs when performing a procedure, since he is also prone to contract infections, among other things, by HIV.

Brackets in full track

The dentist, who has two diplomas and a specialty in orthodontics made in Brazil, highlighted that a very frequent practice is that of the so-called "glue brackets" that are located in clandestine places, but also on public roads or sidewalks as street vendors.

In relation to this, Jiménez warned that dental houses sell materials such as bands, brackets and dental instruments to people without verifying their speciality, profession or certification, making orthodontics an iatrogenic procedure, because “braces are not only fashion, merits scientific knowledge,” he added.

Otherwise, he stated that a false orthodontist can cause irreversible damage to the patient, such as loss of dental units in the worst case, inflammation that can lead to gingivitis and periodontitis.

He stressed that another of the consequences of this bad practice is disorders in the temporomandibular joint, due to occlusal alterations, as well as mild, moderate or deep caries that can result in endodontics (root canal treatment).

Likewise, Jiménez Dib, who is currently pursuing a master's degree in dental aesthetics, has noticed a disconcerting proliferation of smile design and dental veneers, treatments that consist of several phases, and sometimes even require the participation of several specialists, being carried out by false dentists or without training in the area, resulting in many of the aforementioned oral diseases.


The attorney general, Tarek William Saab, has been carrying out an operation with officials from the Public Ministry to arrest people who offer dental services illegally.

False doctors have been arrested in these actions in the states of Portuguesa and Lara. Likewise, the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistic Investigations has been identifying the cases.

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