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Equipment at the Taguaza I pumping station benefits 445 thousand inhabitants

With the installation of new equipment, the operational capacity of the station that serves the municipalities of Acevedo, Plaza and Zamora increases.

A 900 horsepower motor and water pump were installed at the pumping station. taguaza I, located in the Acevedo municipality, Miranda state, to benefit 445 thousand inhabitants of the sector, reported the web portal of the governorship.

The works were carried out by Hidrocapital, with the support of the Miranda Government and the mayor's office.

The new equipment will increase the operational capacity of the water infrastructure and supply drinking water to people in the Acevedo, Plaza and Zamora municipalities.

On social networks, Hidrocapital reported that, despite the sanctions and blockade imposed by the United States, it will continue working to improve the drinking water supply service in the population, following instructions from President Nicolás Maduro.

The maintenance and optimization of the service in the region is carried out following the plans established in the General Water Staff for Miranda, through joint work between the national, regional and municipal governments.

Pumping equipment will increase water production capacity

From the early hours of last Friday, May 24, specialists from Hidrocapital began the maneuvers to transport the 900 horsepower vertical engine and the vertical pump by truck.

In addition, the coupling and installation work of the pumping group began, to begin the process of verifying the proper functioning of the equipment.

It is important to highlight that despite the criminal sanctions imposed by the United States, the Bolivarian Government, through the Ministry of Popular Power for Water Attention, works to optimize the National Water System with significant investments to meet the goal of providing a good service to more than 455 thousand inhabitants, stated a press release from MinAguas.

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