The boy Felipe and his family defeated the covid-19 together

Felipe with his father and mother in a health hotel in Sabana Grande

Breastfeeding was Emitzabeth Caro Bracho's secret to help her 16-month-old son Felipe overcome covid-19. The young 27-year-old mother was isolated for 20 days with her baby, husband and mother in a health hotel in Caracas, after they tested positive on September 24, after 17 days of doubts.

“It all started on Monday morning, September 7, when Felipe got up with a general malaise and a little fever, but those symptoms lasted that day until Tuesday at noon. Later, the child was very well and two days later his father presented the symptoms, "he said.

Bracho, a medical student from Antímano, said that they were hospitalized for "20 long days" and it was a very big challenge. However, she used what few items she had to maintain her son's mood and cognitive action, while continuing to breastfeed.

"It is very important that mothers breastfeed their children in situations like these, because this also helps babies to quickly overcome these viral diseases," he said.

The mother commented that after the child's mild symptoms, her husband began with a fever of 39º and 40º, general malaise and cough; three days later she lost her sense of smell and her mother reflected signs. It is precisely at that moment "that I was almost convinced of what it was."

“We automatically started looking for where to get tested; We went to various health sites and got the CDI in Antímano to test us. When my diagnosis was positive, they called the boy and his father; they both came out positive too, "he said.

She explained that a lot of things went through her mind when she received the result, and although she remained calm, she felt a lot of panic about a possible complication of the baby.

He said he was afraid of isolation. “At that moment I was afraid, I was scared. A lot of things went through my mind. He is my first baby and I only thought that if the child got complicated, what was he going to do; they were going to lock us up ”, he says.

After the report of their cases by the CDI authorities, a unit looked for them and they were transferred to a sanitary hotel in Sabana Grande.

Being isolated, they realized that the baby had not brought his toys, only a maraca accompanied him when they went to the CDI, and like all curious children, Felipe wanted to have all the attention. “We invented games with what little we had, we collected caps of soft drinks and juices. My sister brought us some tempera and we painted our faces and fingers to make puppets, trying not to get bored and to come out victorious from the virus, ”he adds, while thanking the Government and the doctors for the care provided.



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