Corpoelec attended more than 2.500 workers with a Service Day

The Sectorial Vice President of Public Works and Services, Néstor Luis Reverol reported, through his Instagram account, that more than 2.500 workers in the electricity sector benefited during the development of a comprehensive social and health conference, held at the headquarters of Corpoelec in El Marqués, in Caracas.

Through his account @reverolnestor, the also minister for Electric Energy said that also the retirees of this headquarters, as well as public servants of the National Dispatch Center and the Convent Service Center, were treated in more than 15 medical specialties such as pediatrics , general medicine, cardiology, gynecology, urology, traumatology, among others.

Likewise, Reverol highlighted that some 1.800 workers were incorporated with the Mobile Pharmacy, which offers more than 80 low-cost drugs.

On the other hand, in this social network, it was detailed that more than 18 thousand workers in the national electricity sector have been immunized against covid-19, as instructed by President Nicolás Maduro Moros, in order to guarantee their protection against this virus.

Likewise, technical aids were given to Corpoelec's public servants and their families, thanks to the support of the Office of the President, led by Jorge Márquez.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry for Electric Power, the technical aids consisted of the delivery of wheelchairs, canes and crutches to active, retired personnel and their families, to offer them a better quality of life.

The worker Gregorio Brazón, with more than 15 years of service in the electricity sector, said he was pleased with this type of initiative that is being carried out to enhance the work of men and women in the sector who have a disability. “Today they are giving me a wheelchair, because of my condition I have used crutches for a long time, my hands and legs no longer hold. But with this wheelchair, I can continue my work because of the commitment I have with the country, ”he said.

It is important to highlight that the Ministry of Popular Power for Electric Energy has implemented a Strategic Action Plan, the first vertex of which raises the comprehensive protection and social welfare of its workers.

Finally, the Corpoelec official, Freddy Espinoza thanked this initiative, which strongly supports the labor force. "These days are necessary, because we can attend to any type of emergency that we have with the health that is so important" - said Espinoza.



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