Conviasa activated Caracas-Moscow flights

The Caracas-Moscow air route was inaugurated with the arrival at the “Simón Bolivar” International Airport in Maiquetía of the first Conviasa flight from Russia.

This was announced by the Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, through a message published on his twitter in which he detailed that the aircraft landed busy with representatives of the tourism and communication sector, who were invited especially to spread the word. opening of the flight and getting to know the country.

"In compliance with all biosafety protocols, today the first flight of Conviasa, Caracas-Moscow Route, arrived in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with 90 Russian Tour Operators, among them: journalists, influencers and investors." wrote.

The initiative is part of the cooperation and exchange agreements signed by the governments of both countries to increase commercial exchange and strengthen relations in the political, economic, social, cultural, educational, artistic and tourist fields.

Likewise, it was explained that the new flights, which will have a frequency of twice a week, will greatly benefit Russian businessmen and industrialists in this first stage, because it will allow them to bring around 40 tons of their products weekly and merchandise safely to the Venezuelan market.

The activation of Conviasa's operations on Russian soil are also intended to encourage the citizens of that nation to know the natural beauties, parks and attractions that Venezuela has and that are totally unknown in that part of the world.

The service offered by the Venezuelan airline is part of the wide portfolio of destinations that the company makes available to both local and international users so that from now on they can make their business and tourist trips without any setbacks.

To date Conviasa maintains active routes to Turkey, Panama, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia,

It is estimated that in the coming months it will start its operations in China and other nations in the region to try to consolidate itself as one of the strongest industries in the sector in the region.



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