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Vehicular passage completely restored through Km 4 of the ARC

The Minister of Transportation reported that the work to replace the sewer on the aforementioned road artery was completed

Vehicular circulation on kilometer 4 of the Central Regional Highway (ARC), direction Caracas – Maracay, was completely restored, reported the Minister of Transportation Ramon Velasquez Araguayan.

Through a message published on his account

"We announce to our people that, at this time, road traffic is enabled on the Central Regional Highway, direction Caracas-Maracay, after having completed the work at km 4, by our @TransporteGobVe teams ¡Vamos Pa' Lante!”, he published on the social network.

In turn, the Ministry for Transport He later noted that the vehicles move normally in the ARC after the completion of the work.

It is important to remember that this Sunday the head of the transportation portfolio reported that on July 5, at night, sewer replacement work on the Highway Central Regional (ARC) direction Maracay – Caracas.

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