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Commands for water distribution are still active in Miranda

The Command Post activated on March 13 by the mayor of the Guaicaipuro municipality in the Miranda state, Wisely Álvarez continues to provide attention to the communities to help with the distribution of water, while the service of the vital liquid by Hidrocapital is normalized.

"We were the victim of a new electrical sabotage in the country, but after 1:00 in the morning (this Wednesday) the electrical service began to be restored in Los Teques and the rest of the six parishes," he said.

The local president informed that they maintain an agreement with local tankers to bring water to the prioritized communities that have come to the post to make their request, with a view to guaranteeing this fundamental service.

“We have a command post to guarantee accessibility to our people. We are receiving requests to attend the contingency, especially water, to which we are responding with tanks. We link with Hidrocapital on the distribution of drinking water. We also have a fill in El Paso and an agreement with 14 water tankers totally free ”, he specified.

He referred to the high demand of the population, which is why they guarantee the distribution of water to educational institutions and health centers such as the Victorino Santaella Hospital.

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