Cicpc joins the fight against animal abuse

In the Cicpc they are sensitized with animal abuse. Its director, Douglas Rico, recently created the Animal Abuse Investigation Coordination, whose headquarters will be located in Colinas de Vista Alegre, Libertador municipality, in Caracas. 

“When we saw the video of a man kicking a puppy, I made the decision to do something from our institution to prevent the mistreatment of animals,” commented Commissioner Rico, alluding to the scene where Omar Antonio de Jesús Marrero is seen kicking him to a puppy inside the Kamarata building, located in La Candelaria, Caracas, an event that occurred on October 24. 

The director of the Cicpc said that initially all units of the scientific police are enabled to receive complaints of animal abuse. "We receive the complaints, we substantiate the file and send it to the Public Ministry," explained Rico. "In addition, we go to the site of the event to verify and locate those responsible for the denounced event," he clarified. 

He explained that the National Service of Forensic Sciences (Senamef) had a veterinarian to certify the injuries caused to animals whose cases have been presented to the Cicpc. 

“We have the advice of the Nevado Mission; we work together, ”said the police chief. 

The newly created coordination will also have a team to investigate the situation of some disappeared species such as the scarlet macaw. "We are struck by these types of situations, we presume that they have been hunting that species of macaw to commercialize them," said Rico. 

Regarding the proliferation of cases where animals are mistreated, according to the registry of social networks, the commissioner indicated that these events have come to light “because people are becoming more aware that the aggressors should be punished and then they grab a cell phone and they record them to be able to denounce them ”, he added.  

In this regard, he called on the public to continue this trend to document well complaints of mistreatment of animals, "because that helps us locate and capture those responsible for the act," he said.


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