Children of Caracas celebrate their day with cultural and sports recreation

At the Simón Rodríguez House of First Letters, on Panteón Boulevard, as well as at the Bicentennial Monument of the Battle of Carabobo, on Bolívar Avenue, Caracas, various cultural, recreational and sports activities were held to celebrate Children's Day, this Sunday.

According to the Venezuelan News Agency, the head of Government of Caracas, Nahum Hernández, stressed that with joy a children's agenda was developed with the support of a team of re-enactors, cultists, artists, dancers, actors to recreate the little ones, even in the middle of a covid-19 pandemic.

«They are the future of our country and we honor them with love and joy. We are creating all the conditions for these boys to be educated, trained and of course be the government of tomorrow, "he said.

He also pointed out that thanks to the deployment of the National Government "we have stood out together with the communities and social movements on the issue of food and the recovery of sports fields," he commented.

This programming was carried out under strict biosecurity measures by Covid-19.

The celebration of Children's Day seeks to encourage the protection of the rights of children, who represent the future of society and the world.

This Sunday a series of cultural and recreational activities took place simultaneously in Caracas and other states of the country, with a display of cultists, artists and re-enactors in squares, other public spaces, parishes, communities and pediatric hospitals.

Among the activities that were promoted, face painting, storytelling and theater plays stand out.



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