Chamos join the urban planting

Alejandra Martínez and Wilmer Rivera are 18 and 14 years old respectively, they live in the parish 23 de Enero, in the Libertador municipality. These young people dedicate part of their free time to sowing and raising pigs, on land that was idle in their community, but which has now become production units.

Alejandra and Wilmer explain that all this knowledge to carry out both activities was acquired in the agricultural school created by the Tres Raíces Foundation, which lives in the populous parish of Caracas and has given them the opportunity to learn a trade.

Oswaldo Reyes and Víctor González are the general coordinators of the aforementioned foundation, which has been activating social programs for more than 15 years, aimed at preventing crime among adolescents and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of zones F, E and El Mirador, on January 23rd.

“The first production activities that we activated were growing houses, following the guidelines that Commander Hugo Chávez indicated at the time, on the need to promote urban agriculture. We started with the planting of tomatoes and paprika, and we are already diversifying production with other items, which are subsequently offered to the community at solidarity prices, ”said Oswaldo Reyes.

He said that after obtaining such good results with the farming houses, they began raising chickens and pigs, in addition to rescuing spaces that were idle, to increase planting.

He pointed out that this knowledge is also offered to other organized residents of January 23 and inhabitants of other parishes in Caracas.

For his part, Víctor Julio González indicated that several spaces for participation and training have been created for young people, who also carry out prevention tasks.

"We not only have a school for urban agriculture, we also activate a school for re-enactors, where we train young people to attend recreational plans that are done completely free of charge during school times," said González.

They commented that thanks to the support of the president of Inces, Wuikelman Ángel Paredes, they also offer training in different arts and crafts, such as hairdressing, bakery, turnery, carpentry, cutting and sewing, computing, among other areas.



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