Census data will define the rehabilitation of 700 new Mission Bases

The Plan will be carried out throughout the country

In the coming weeks, the distribution and location of the 700 new Bases of Socialist Missions (BMS), ordered by President Nicolás Maduro, will be defined in the country, to build, adapt and rehabilitate the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor (Gmbnt) this 2021.

The process will be carried out with the census data that determine in which sectors of the national territory there is extreme poverty in the Missions System together with the Presidency of the Foundation Bases de Misiones, the Ministry for the Communes, governors, mayors and protectors of the states.

This was agreed in the meeting held between the Executive Secretary of the Missions, Great Missions and Micro-Missions System Hugo Chávez, Mervin Maldonado, president of the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor (Gmbnbt), division general Raúl Alfonzo Paredes, and the Minister of Popular Power for Communes and Social Movements, Noris Herrera, refers to a press release.

Paredes pointed out that in the next few days the georeferencing process of the first 200 or 300 new BMS will begin in the communal cities, communities, as well as in the sectors that include farmers, fishermen, indigenous people, among others that are in Caracas and in the 23 states of the country ”. 

He added that after this process "comes the work of locating the physical space in the territory, which must meet certain characteristics, and then begin the adaptation and rehabilitation works, where priority will be given to the areas of health, food and education ”.

I “The construction, adaptation and rehabilitation of these 700 new BMS has been divided into four phases, the first one begins from March 15 to May 15, with the rehabilitation of 200 BMS; We will start the second phase from June 15 to August 15, with 200 BMS; the penultimate from September 10 to November 10 with 200 more and the last 0 bases will be delivered on December 100 ”.