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They will carry out a digital consultation on the Tourism Plan in Caracas

Through @turismoccs_ve people of Caracas will be able to send their proposals

People from Caracas and Caracas will be able to contribute proposals for the construction of the Caracas Tourism Plan through a digital consultation that will be launched this Sunday by the Municipal Institute of Tourism of Caracas, IMTURCCS, and in which tour operators, organized popular power and the citizenship in general.

It is a questionnaire that can be answered by those interested in tourism, which will be published through social networks throughout the month of August, which will serve as the basis for the policies that the newly created Institute, the governing body of the activity, will undertake. municipal tourism, whose mission is aimed at ensuring that this sector affects the economic development and prosperity of the inhabitants of Caracas, refers a press release.

"It is a historic commitment to the city, the citizens, the country and even the continent to turn Caracas into a sustainable tourism capital of excellence, like the great metropolises of the world," said Williams Rivas, President of IMTUR, who was guided by Mayor Carmen A/J Carmen Meléndez to make our city a prosperous Caracas.

He added that the Strategic Tourism Plan seeks to make Caracas "the tourist destination that we all hope for, the gateway to Venezuela and the South American continent."

The institution hopes that the public, private and community sectors that work on tourism on a daily basis enter the link that will be available on the IMTURCCS social networks @turismoccs_ve and on different pages associated with the tourism issue and answer the questionnaire in which They include questions about the potential of Caracas to be a destination, some specific examples that could be promoted for tourism, citizen security, the attractions of the area to which it belongs that could promote sustainable practices and processes to care for nature and strengthen the sightseeing; as well as information on enterprises or small companies dedicated to the activity.

The consultation on the Caracas Tourism Plan is conceived in three dimensions: territorial, sectoral and digital. Last June, the Public Consultation was launched with the participation of various sectors; This Sunday the digital consultation will be published and on Thursday, August 11 there will be a parish meeting at the Venezuela Experimental School, where representatives of the San José, San Pedro parishes will attend; San Agustín, San Bernardino, La Candelaria and El Recreo.

Among the objectives of these consultations is to establish real goals and temporary projections for tourism in the city, build a participatory Public Tourism Policy and make tourism a pole of sustainable economic development.

It will also be a propitious space to establish strategic alliances and innovate in the ways of building the tourism policy for Caracas based on a real inventory and a calendar of festivities that reaffirm our potential as a tourist destination.


  1. Good day. A Tourism Plan for La Sultana del Ávila should be oriented towards the recovery of its spaces that identify its architectural, landscape, cultural, gastronomic, and musical memory, among other measures to be taken into account. An important aspect should be to provide personal security and recovery of public spaces.

  2. Excellent initiative. Caracas has many tourist and historical attractions in National Heritage.

  3. Start with remodeling the theaters. Clean up the national theater of prostitution, drugs and alcoholism, which is very nice but surrounded.

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