Farmacias Caribe serves one million families

The pharmacy network distributes quality drugs and solidarity prices

The Caribe Pharmacies of the Mayor's Office of the Libertador de Caracas municipality has served 1.398.671 families in the seventeen establishments existing so far in 15 parishes, and with 559 mobile operations carried out throughout the city.
This program has prioritized the care of 453.752 patients with medications for chronic diseases at fair prices, said Barwil González, president of the Mayor's Services Corporation.

He explained that with the supply plan, which is still in progress, they have dispensed 1.686.786 treatments containing tablets, capsules, ampoules and more, for a period of between 10 and 30 days.

He also explained that the endowment operation has allowed the delivery of medicines to the 22 parishes of the Liberator with a daily capacity for 3.000 patients, and at least 125 peripheral or difficult-to-access communities.

Pharmaceutical products

The first stage of Farmacias Caribe has 180 molecules for chronic and acute pathologies at lower prices up to 70%, compared to the conventional market, says the official.

Among the medications that these premises guarantee, a preventive kit for covid-19 stands out that contains seven supplements with aspirin, zinc, azithromycin, chewable ascorbic acid, acetaminophen, ivervectin and folic acid.

They also distribute: carvedilol, omeprazole, ciprofloxacin, clonidine and more, while, regarding the distribution of the antiviral Carvativir, he said that "we hope that the National Executive will incorporate us as a network of pharmacies" for this purpose.

Likewise, he stressed that this is a cooperative initiative with the private sector to promote health administration with organized communities.

Network in each parish

González pointed out that the intention of Mayor Érika Farías is to establish a pharmacy of this type in each parish, that is, in 22 stores that will be complemented with mobile units.

So far, the authorized establishments of this network are located in the parishes: Altagracia, Antímano, Caricuao, Catedral, Coche, El Junquito, El Recreo, El Valle, two in La Candelaria and the same number in San Juan, Macarao, San Agustín , San Pedro, Santa Rosalía and Sucre.

Location of establishments

  • Tracabordo and Miguelacho corners, La Candelaria parish.
  • Araguaney Building, between the Calero and Socorro corners, La Candelaria.
  • Car market, main entrance.
  • Block 4 of El Silencio, near the Liceo Fermín Toro parroquia Catedral.
  • Main avenue of San Martín intersection with Los Mataderos.
  • Avenida Sucre de Catia, in front of the Parque del Oeste Alí Primera, Sucre parish.
  • El Chorro de La Hoyada Tower.
  • Guaicaipuro Market, Andrés Bello avenue, El Recreo parish.
  • Hugo Chávez Maternal and Child Hospital of El Valle.
  • Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Building, Avenida Sur 13 de San Agustín.
  • KM 10 of El Junquito, in front of the gas plant.
  • Sector UD-3 of the Caricuao parish.
  • Cipreses de Las Adjuntas Cultural Center, Macarao parish.
  • El Nacional building, located on Baralt avenue, Capitolio, Altagracia parish.


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