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Cantv crews attend to reported failures in the VenApp in Caracas

They solve the problems reported by users of Quinta Crespo and Altagracia

In Caracas, the Blue Force of the Anonymous Telephone Company of Venezuela, Cantv, restored telecommunications services to more than 180 commercial premises in the Quinta Crespo Market, after carrying out corrective maintenance work on the networks, the Ministry of Science and Technology reported in your web portal.

The VenApp served as a means to make reports. The work carried out included the location of faults, reconstruction of splices and checking of telephone lines.

José Vera, commercial user, expressed his gratitude to the Company's staff for the attention provided: “Thanks to all the Cantv technicians for returning the connection to our businesses,” he said.

Likewise, on another day, the Blue Force carried out repair work to restore landline and Internet services to users of San José-Cotiza and part of the Altagracia parish.

The Blue Force remains deployed in the 22 parishes of Caracas, providing attention to reports made by users through the 1×10 system of Good Government. Additionally, Cantv, attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology, works to guarantee telecommunications services to homes, institutions and productive sectors in the Capital District.

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