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Campaign begins for the correct use of gas cylinders in Caracas

Mayor Carmen Meléndez indicated that "little by little the gas cylinders will be replaced in the capital"

This Tuesday an awareness campaign began on the correct use of cylinders of gas domestic, with the aim of educating citizens to avoid incidents, highlighted the mayoress of the Libertador municipality, Carmen Meléndez.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, Meléndez explained that the awareness campaign began on January 24 and that together with the president of Gas Caribe, Dayerlyn Rivero, the pertinent guidance on the subject will be given.

«We started this #24Ene our awareness campaign about the use of gas bottles to avoid incidents. Together with the president of Gas Caribe, Dayerlyn Rivero, we are providing guidance on this issue," the Mayor posted on Twitter.

During the program the voice of truth Broadcast by Radio Miraflores, the Mayor explained that the management of gas cylinders is everyone's responsibility.

In this sense, he said that gas cylinders should not be hit, they should be stored vertically, only adults should handle them and the connections should be made with copper pipes, away from the kitchen.

"Managing gas cylinders or cylinders is everyone's responsibility: Do not hit them, store them vertically, only adults should handle them, connections are made with copper pipes, place them far from the kitchen," Meléndez pointed out. .

Likewise, Meléndez in the company of the president of Gas Caribe, Dayerlin Rivero, informed that little by little the gas cylinders in the capital city will be replaced.

"Progressively, we are going to replace the gas cylinders or cylinders in Caracas for the greater safety of the families," he said.

He underlined the role played by organized People's Power in optimizing this service.


In view of the accidents that have recently occurred in the capital city, Colonel Richard Durán, who is the commanding officer of the Caracas Fire Department at the station on the main avenue of La Urbina, carried out a series of recommendations.

Among the suggested recommendations are: change the cylinders once their life time has elapsed; If the person has several cylinders, place them in open places.

“You can put them up on a platform, leave them on a balcony or in a ventilation area. We always say it in talks: they have to be left out of the kitchen, ”she stressed.

So far in January 2023, there have been five incidents with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders within the Sucre municipality. While in the Libertador the most recent was a rapid combustion without explosión, called a deflagration, generated by a ten-kilogram canister in the basement of the La Constituyente building, located in front of the San José parish Blood Bank, which left eight people injured; four adults and four children, Durán explained.

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