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Bricomiles will attend Ven App reports from schools and high schools

Attention will be channeled through the communal councils

The Vice President of the Organization of the Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Pedro Infante, reported that the coordinating and operational brigades derived from the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles) will be activated this Saturday to meet demands from high schools and schools.

He explained that the Bricomiles, together with the PSUV and other government agencies, created the coordinating brigades and operational brigades, which will go to the communities to solve these problems.

The coordinating brigades will be in charge of linking the communal councils and members of the sectors with the Bricomiles, and the operational brigades will be the ones that carry out maintenance, reconstruction, etc., work on the infrastructures, AVN reports.

Bricomiles will work with the people

The also deputy to the AN pointed out that the brigades will carry out these works hand in hand with the people, prior coordination to assist the communities; therefore, he called for citizens to join in participating in the recovery of these infrastructures.

In that sense, Infante expressed that his expectations about this day are to have «a big town party» organized to solve their problems, «I imagine this as a big town party. I imagine people having a good time, while they recover and make beautiful schools and high schools », he expressed.

He explained that, so far, 70% of the necessary brigades have been assigned to serve the 25 educational units in the national territory.

He explained that, to reach 100%, it is necessary for citizens to make reports through the 1×10 System of Good Governance, the Ven App and Line 58, since this is a joint effort between all government agencies. and the people to attend to one of the government's priorities: education.

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