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Booming community mobile pharmacies

From early hours the unit of the Community Mobile Pharmacy is located in a corner of the El Recreo parish, in the Libertador municipality. The residents of the sector usually wait for this unit to be able to stock up on routine medications at a low cost.

Among the regular clients is Eulalia Montenegro, who at 68 years of age depends on a series of medications to treat her chronic illnesses and those of her husband. This has become assiduous to this network of pharmacies because it obtains drugs such as painkillers, vitamins, hypertensives and medicines to control diabetes at cheaper prices than in the large pharmacy networks.

“I buy all these medicines at the community mobile pharmacy, which is located in Plaza Brión de Chacaíto, where most of the time I can find everything I need for personal use and also for my husband, plus I take advantage of buying vitamins to have the grandchildren”, he commented.


The mobile pharmacy network has expanded its coverage in the territory. According to the Unified Pharmaceutical Health Care System, there are currently eleven networks of mobile units that depend on different State entities.

Notable among the networks are Caribe Pharmacies (Mayor's Office of Caracas), Farma Baruta, Farma Miranda, Móvil Fenix ​​of the Bolivarian National Guard, Móvil Fundab, Guardianes de la Patria, Farma La Guaira, Móvil Movimiento por la Paz y la Vida, Móvil Vargas and Pharmacy of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc).

They highlight that among the most sought-after medications in the units are diclofenac, losartan, omeprazole, ibuprofen, loratadine, antibiotics and vitamins. These are offered in pediatric and adult presentations.

They also offer specialized treatments for coronavirus such as remdisivir at a cost of $30, dexamethasone and azithromycin are also available.

Likewise, there are treatments for oncological and specialized patients, among which gemcitabine, enzalutamide and carboplatin stand out.

Many of the medicines found in these spaces come from Iran, whose presence in the country is through a cooperation agreement between the two nations.

“Here we serve users from Monday to Monday, from nine in the morning to half past five in the afternoon, during which time we serve about 500 people daily, who can obtain up to 70% discount. in their treatments,” said one of those in charge of the mobile unit in El Recreo.

On the other hand, in the mobile unit located in Plaza La Candelaria, some 600 people can be treated daily and some 3.000 medicines are dispensed, one of those in charge said.

This mobile pharmacy program is sponsored by different government entities such as the governorates and mayors, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace, the Bolivarian National Guard, the Cicpc, among others.