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Banco Bicentenario offers home service to older adults

The institution will serve grandparents and people with disabilities in the comfort of their homes

The Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo will now exclusively serve older adults and people with disabilities through the “Bicentenario goes to your house” plan.

With this modality, these people will not have the need for said users to travel to the bank headquarters and will be able to open accounts, update data and unlock accounts, as well as receive necessary information about the Bicentenario Online and Tu Banca Móvil services. , through which they will manage their finances in a quick and safe way, as detailed by the banking entity through a press release.

How to request this personalized attention?

-In order to obtain this service, you must first present to any agency in the country the medical report that certifies the inability to travel to the bank. (This requirement can be presented by a family member).

-Address of the home.

-Photocopy of the identity card of the applicant and beneficiary.

If you do not have nearby agencies, communicate through social networks and send the aforementioned information.

Bicentennial Press

Additionally, the institution highlighted, in a press release, its intention to provide an accessible service to anyone who needs it, especially those who are in extraordinary situations or are elderly.

“Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo ratifies its commitment to socioeconomic development, to provide banking solutions accessible to all sectors of the Venezuelan population, in compliance with the policies promoted by the National Executive, to serve the most vulnerable groups.”

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