Authorities warn about crimes related to social networks

In the image, the Vice Minister of the Integrated Criminal Investigation System (Visiip), Commissioner General, Humberto Ramírez. Photo: Mpprijp Press

This Saturday, the Deputy Minister of the Integrated Criminal Investigation System (Visiip), Commissioner General, Humberto Ramírez, began the deployment of 31 prevention points against crimes linked to social networks, which is being carried out throughout the national territory.

The actions deployed respond to the instructions of the Sectorial Vice President for Citizen Security and Peace, A / J Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, to strengthen prevention, information and criminal investigation in the country, on this modus operandi of criminals, using social networks, refers to a press release from the Mpprijp.

From km. 12 of the Regional Highway of the Center, in the old Tazón toll, Miranda state, highlighted that the points established simultaneously in the 23 states of the country, have the participation of 920 civil servants and civil servants of the
Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc), experts in the prevention and investigation of these crimes, explained the Commissioner General, in the company of the Vice Minister of Prevention, Citizen Security and Peace Quadrants, G / D Endes Palencia and the chief of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cicpc, C / G Juan Pablo Monroy.

Likewise, a total of 24.000 brochures will be distributed throughout the country, in order to alert and guide citizens about the new modus operandi, and to prevent them from being a victim of misleading offers offered through social networks.

Vice Minister Ramírez called for reflection and awareness, with the purpose of creating awareness of the high risk that this type of negotiations represents for the community through social networks, and especially Marketplace, because they can not only be victims of scams, robberies or kidnappings, but of other crimes such as homicide.

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Citizen Security, Prevention and Peace Quadrants, G / D Endes Palencia, reported that the special deployment of prevention against crimes linked to social networks is being developed in the 2.435 Peace Quadrants in the national territory .

Vice Minister Endes Palencia added that this action is carried out within the framework of vertex 1 of the Great Peace Quadrant Mission, which refers to Comprehensive Prevention for Life and Peace, which guarantees the tranquility of the Venezuelan people.



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