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Antímano popular clinic opened doors

They rehabilitated and provided supplies to the health center in El Carmen

The popular clinic in the El Carmen sector, located in the Antímano parish of the Libertador municipality, in Caracas, was delivered this Wednesday completely rehabilitated for the benefit of 445 families from the point and circle.

The head of the Government of the Capital District (GDC), Nahum Fernández, and the Single Health Authority of Caracas, Dr. Morella Camacho, reopened the facilities that were recovered by the military community brigades for education and health.

Through his account

The management was produced to respond to the request made by the community for the 1×10 of good government and to strengthen the National Public Health System.

The GDC authority explained that, in coordination with Camacho, an excellent service was provided on site to care for the respiratory system, vaccination and provide special surveillance in the area of ​​gynecology, all with the purpose of preventing diseases and guaranteeing quality care.

On her Instagram, Dr. Camacho celebrated the reopening of the dispensary that joins the health system in the city and will provide primary care to 3.700 inhabitants of the town of Antímano.

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