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HomeLifeThey announce that the T-Ticket system will be applied to multimodal transport

They announce that the T-Ticket system will be applied to multimodal transport

A total of 28 Caracas Metro stations have been fully recovered. Phase 2 of the Caracas Metro recovery plan will consist of the rehabilitation of the rolling system.

The Minister for Transportation, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, announced that in a short time, the T-Ticket digital card used for the land transportation system will also be used to purchase tickets for air and sea transportation, thus becoming a single card. multimodal for the transport sector.

Such information was made by the head of the Transport portfolio from the Miranda station of the Caracas Metro, from where he made a symbolic delivery to the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reporting the achievements made after the completion of the first phase of the works of the comprehensive recovery plan Metro moves with you.

Likewise, Velásquez Araguayán recalled the request made by Maduro on September 1, where the comprehensive plan for the rebirth of the underground system was ordered and reported that a total of 28 stations of the Caracas Metro have been fully recovered.

” Here at the Miranda station, 15.600 square meters of roofs, mezzanines and platforms were intervened. Work was carried out in the 3.500 square meters of green areas, maintenance was carried out on the lighting systems, replacement of internal and external lights with LED lamps, for energy savings, electromechanical systems, pumps for white and served water, change of the floors, and platform areas fully rehabilitated in this station”, said the head of the transport portfolio.

Velásquez Araguayán emphasized that the seven escalators at this station are fully operational "because they were fully recovered," as well as the internal work areas of the workers, "as you have ordered, President," he emphasized.

“We must thank the godmother of this project, the executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, for her painstaking dedication, her effort and commitment to this Plan Metro moves with you. It has been 8 months of hard work to be able to enjoy this service,” she added.

New turnstiles of Iranian technology, will be placed in all stations of the system

He also announced that as of next June, thanks to the peace diplomacy with the Islamic Republic of Iran, all Caracas metro stations will be equipped with the new turnstiles, which are already in operation at the Miranda model station.

He informed that phase 2 of the recovery plan for the Caracas Metro will consist of the rehabilitation of the rolling stock system.

“We have the will to win, thanks to the union with the private sector, the maintenance of the metro system will be done with Venezuelan labor, so that users have comfort when traveling in the system.

He said that already in a third stage, the maintenance of rails and tunnels of the Caracas metro system will be carried out.

The effort of the working class

The minister made special mention of the efforts of the workers of the Caracas Metro. It is important to recognize the human talent that is in the resistance phase, to then go to the rebirth phase and then revolutionize "as we will do through the digital card for the multimodal system," he stressed.

He also highlighted the work of the committed workforce, made up of 120 men and women, "who gave life to the rehabilitation of all these stations."

The minister highlighted that the recovery plan for the Metro system also contemplates the provision of uniforms to workers and operators of the system. "Like this, Pepitos, impeccable as you have requested", he commented when carrying out the provision of uniforms.

He assured that the rehabilitation of more bus units is also contemplated to combine the system.

Finally, Velásquez Araguayán thanked all the institutions that have assumed the sponsorship of the different stations of the Metro system “that continue to work with will and desire to do things so that you can have a beautiful Venezuela for all its people. 

Ripe: you have to reach 100%

For his part, President Maduro insisted on the need to reach 100% recovery of everything in the Caracas Metro System.

“We have to recover the air conditioners of the stations, the air conditioners of the trains, put enough trains for the peak hours, step by step, little by little, stretching the talk, because imperialism attacks us and stretching the talk for all the plans , not only for the Venezuela Bella Mission, for health, for education, for the Bricomiles, for the 1X10, for everything, for the workers, for the workers, but with love and work everything is possible”, he said.

The Plan of the Metro Moves with You is part of the plans of the Great Venezuela Bella Mission, "precisely for a transportation system that moves men and women from all parts of the country who come to the great Caracas," highlighted the national president.

"The spare parts are already arriving to recover everything, the stairs, clean the spaces, make them beautiful, functional and put the Caracas Metro in its original state of beauty and in operation."


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