StartLifeAlmost ready recovery of the National Theater

Almost ready recovery of the National Theater

The Caracas Patriota, Bella y Segura Plan rehabilitates the cultural space

The recovery and revaluation works of the National Theater, located in the Santa Teresa parish, were inspected by authorities of the Mayor's Office of Caracas and the Ministry of Culture.

After a year of work that is about to end, the theater will reopen its doors to host the second edition of the International Festival of Progressive Theater that will take place from June 8 to 18. However, its reopening will take place a few days after the activity, explained the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas during the supervision.

The works, sponsored by the Autonomous Service of Registries and Notaries, were carried out in the context of the Caracas Patriota, Bella y Segura Plan.

The president of Fundapatrimonio, María Elisa Domínguez, commented that her administration has taken care of the patrimonial aspects of the building "to preserve it and give the new generations the opportunity to know the theater as it was in its beginnings," she said.

He added that carpenters, masons and other experts, together with a group of architects and anthropologists who monitor the efforts, are working to expedite the delivery of the site.

The anthropologist and patrimonial axis of action against the rehabilitation of the theater, Luis Guillermo Román, stressed that during the recovery they found works of art that were hidden. The National Theater “is a treasure, a marvel. I consider that it is the only one with 100% art nouveau that was preserved in Caracas”, he affirmed.

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