Alcohol, the worst enemy of healthy weight

Man with beer glass isolated over white baclground

December is a month of family gatherings, in which various Christmas dishes are enjoyed in the company of various liquors, punches or drinks, which if not consumed in moderation can also cause weight gain, according to specialists.

The surgeon Wartan Keklikian, from the Bariatric and Metabolic Unit (UBAM) of the La Floresta Clinic in Caracas, explains that in December "the worst enemy" to maintain a healthy weight is alcohol, because they provide "empty" calories and without nutrients . "A gram of ethanol - indicates - has 7 calories and does not have any nutritional value," says the specialist.

“A Halca contains calories, but also a nutritional contribution, which does not happen with alcoholic beverages. However, when it comes to getting fat, it must be said that it all depends on the quantity, because for example, a glass of white wine only gives 100-120 calories, that will not make me fat or malnourish, as if I were eating a salad with a lot of mayonnaise or a Hallaca with a lot of butter, ”says Keklikian.

Recommended consumption

The "best" alcoholic beverage is dry white wine, Keklikian notes. This specific liquor is not sweet, it contains antioxidants, flavonoids and tannins, for example.  

The amount that is recommended, or what the experts call "Beneficial use of alcohol", it is one or two glasses of wine (or a shot of another drink) a day, with each meal. It is also suggested 14 glasses of wine per week for men, that is, 2 daily; and 7 drinks for women, 1 each day.

“It can be a drink with lunch and one with Christmas dinner, for example. It is important to note that, with meals, the absorption of alcohol is slower and everything has to do with moderation, because here the saying that says that “The dose makes the poison", then everything with measure is good ”, he assures.

Surgeons with Sazón, a proposal to keep you healthy

The UBAM specialist highlights the initiative "Surgeons with seasoning" that he has promoted together with the surgeon Argenis Chaparro and in which he presents proposals for healthy Christmas dishes, which contain between 500 and 550 calories, with Halca, salad, pork loin, ham bread and dessert.

The doctor explains, for example, that the chicken salad can be made with low-fat yogurt and homemade mayonnaise -with olive or canola oil-; in this way, it would be a much less caloric dish than if it were made with other commercial products.



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