Venezuelan School of Planning dictates Distance Diplomas

The Venezuelan School of Planning, an entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Planning, adapted the technological platform to activate the enrollment process and thus, start the academic cycle of Distance Diplomas.

Through its official Twitter account of the Ministry of Popular Power for Planning @MPPPlanifica, it was highlighted that “@EVPlanificacion invites you to enroll in our Distance Training Diplomas. From # 13Sept to # 17Sept. Register now, through the page: in the registration icon or through the link ”.

On the other hand, a press release highlighted among the academic offers the Planning of the Habitat and the Communal City, Management for the Management of Waste and Solid Waste, Integration and South-South Cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals from the Perspective of the Planning, Planning of the Integral Management of the Water Resources, Planning in Communal Economy and Teaching Planning and Virtual Environment of Distance Learning.

In this sense, interested parties are urged to reserve their places from Monday the 13th to Friday the 17th of this month of September, who will have the facility of training from home and will be able to build a schedule at the student's convenience to be able to receive the classes effectively.



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